Casas Bahi| CB
MIAGUI / Post-Production Still / 2023 / Character

CB is the character created by the Miagui team in partnership with Casas Bahia, he works as a virtual influencer for the brand, to present the products.
Just like Casas Bahia's CB, we immerse ourselves in a virtual universe full of captivating stories and adventures, in addition to promoting the store's products, taking the character to universes of games, series, movies and even popular memes of the moment. The versatility of being a digital character allows us to explore a multitude of themes with ease.

Work produced as part of the Miagui team, in the role post-still. Responsible for the post-production of the images of the character.
I'm excited to share a little bit of the process on my part behind this production that I do with creativity and passion in collaboration with the Miagui team to bring the character to life.


If you want to see more about the character and see different media of him, see here

Creative Director: Cássio Braga
Client Manager: Alice Quadros, Aline Sarturi, Fabricio Soares
Project Manager: Alana Camboim, Pedro Fumegalli, Bruna Finardi, Jéssica Rodrigues​​​​​​​
Technical Supervisor: Pedro Fumegalli
Creative Supervisor: Marcos Antônio Sesterhenn Jr
Concept: Beatriz Anhaia Pereira, Jonas Pina, Ricardo Amaral, João Victor Azevedo Pequeno, Marcos Antônio Sesterhenn Jr, João Gabriel Lima da Silva
3D Supervisor: Ismael Ramos
3D and Lookdev: Andre Kikumoto, Jefferson Dall Est, Miguel Alves, Honorio dos Santos Luiz Junior, Pedro Aquino de Lima Pansini, Augusto Severo, Jiovana Santos
Post Production Supervisor: Bruno Closs
Post Production: Rafael Alves, Ricardo Oya, Janady Vargas, Paulo Ayala, Rafael Ciancio Pagini, Lucas Galan, Daniel Zimmer

Client: Via Varejo


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