Personal Project / 2023 / Digital Art

Over the horizon, an enchanting scene unfolds before a feline's eyes, its lush, glossy fur reflecting the golden light of the sun, which rests on a bridge, its intent expression turned to the vast expanse above. The sky, a canvas of celestial hues, displays an ethereal glow that fills the heart with serenity.

In the unfolding scenario, an unusual dance takes place between reality and the unimaginable. marine animals, more at home as they were in deep water, now defy gravity and sail the skies like seabirds.

The feline gaze is a vivid representation of the search for dreams beyond reach, the aspiration for something greater, something that transcends the barriers of the possible.
In the harmonious junction between the contemplative feline and the flying fish, the image invites us to look beyond conventional limits, to dare to dream big and embrace the wonder that resides in the frontiers between reality and imagination. It's a visual celebration of the relentless pursuit of our deepest desires, represented by the cat looking longingly at the fish dancing in the skies – a symphony of hope and possibility.
Image by Rafael Alves

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